• LOCATION: Leganés. Madrid
  • YEAR: 2009-2012

The project claims the shape and size of the squared block (although it has two curved sides) using the hectare as framer unit of the new urban environment of Madrid.

Our purposal:174 dwellings, in 6 levels with 8 comunication cores

At the sides of the block, dwellings are projected with a staircase core and with two apartments perlanding. At the corners of the block, there is a singular setup with up to six dewllings per core.

Architecture can only propose improves to what is already prefixed. In the organization it is projected:

-Interior collective patio

-Perimetral porch on the ground floor

-Reinforcement of the urban shape. Curved alinement and windows with enough but strict space. The repetition of a simple element reinforces the image of the whole. Maximum comfort with minimum spent.

The size and the mandatory program of the protected dewllings, added  to the severe conditions of the contest, determined the nature of our proposal.

The necessity of reducing the maximum number of elevators determines the organization of the corners of the building with up to six housings per core all of them with two orientations although some of these orientations are orthogonal.